Our Mission Together


Our mission is to help you be financially able to live with dignity and enjoy your retirement years to the fullest.   As your trusted partners, working in harmony with your accountant, attorney and other advisors we want to achieve what is best for you.

We focus on ensuring you have sufficient retirement income, your children or grandchildren can afford the education you want for them, your survivors’ lifestyles are protected and your assets are safeguarded from the risks of life.

Having a clarity of effort and direction while providing objective advice fosters the foundation for success.  It is through the implementation of sound financial strategies that risks associated with life and investing can be successfully managed.  We consistently monitor opportunities to help in meeting your goals and will recommend adjustments when appropriate. 

In our initial meeting we take the time to get to know each other. Understanding your current financial situation, worries, needs and your goals for the future are paramount in this process.  Once this fact-finding meeting is accomplished, a custom-tailored report with recommendations is prepared for your review during our second meeting. Only then will we begin a mutually rewarding and satisfying partnership together.

Our relationship and mission together should be one of partnership.  We should work as a team with your other advisors to build success and achieve your goals, both short and long range.  Thus, two-way communication is vital to our success.  Let us know when major life events occur, what your other investments held away from Janney are doing, and when cash will be needed to finance important goals.   Consider yourself the Captain of your Financial Ship and consider us and your other advisors as your Navigator and Crew.

As we grow in our relationship, we expect you will share with your family, friends and acquaintances how our services have helped you.