The Smith/Holowinski Wealth Advisory Group was formed when Financial Advisors Vars Smith and Jason Holowinski decided to unite their many years of experience to work for the benefit of clients. Those years include two long term secular bear markets on either side of the historic 17 year secular bull market of the '80' and '90's.  Along the way there have been many corrections and smaller bull and bear markets for financial investments.  Lessons have been learned to help clients avoid the many pitfalls and traps that await the inexperienced investor.


We help clients answer the two most fundamental questions everyone has.  Will I make "it"?  And, are there any financial "blind spots" that may have been overlooked that might stop me from making it?


Everyone is on a journey to get from Point A to Point B in their lives. Point A is where you are now.  Point B is the "it" - where you want to be at some time in your future. 


We work with you to define the "it".  We then develop a road map to get you there.  We look for any "blind spots" that may have been overlooked that might do you harm and stop you from making it. Along the way we stand by you to monitor your progress, identify and help solve problems as they arise and keep you on course to Point B. 


We focus on building enduring relationships based on integrity, experience and trust by providing objective advice and superior service that can help you achieve your financial and life goals.


Our clients cross the spectrum of young couples building the foundation for a successful future, small business owners and their retirement plans, charitable foundations, and retirees who want steady, predictable income.                                                           


“Our individual strengths provide great synergies as each member is able to focus on specific areas of expertise toward providing total financial planning solutions for our clients. Our focus is to be valued advisors to clients with the ability to cover the multitude of financial issues affecting them, not just investments. We build enduring client relationships based on integrity, experience and trust by providing objective advice and superior service. By understanding your unique situation, we can suggest a comprehensive plan and strategy aimed at achieving long-term success. We welcome the opportunity to interact with your legal and accounting advisors so we can work as a team for your benefit. Our relationship becomes a “partnership” and we look forward to building that partnership with you.”