Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you charge for your services?

A: No fee is charged for our initial meeting to determine if we will work together. Once you have decided that we can help you, the solutions recommended will either have fees or commissions associated with them.  Those costs will be fully disclosed.

Q: Can I buy no-load funds like Vanguard or Fidelity?

A: Yes, through our fee-based accounts a wide variety of no-load funds can be used. Additionally, in those programs, we can buy almost any broker offered mutual fund without paying a sales charge. Thus, regardless of the fund, we can buy those that have proven track records from superior managers to fit your needs. Importantly, we can  buy "Institutional" class shares that have much lower internal management fees and no "12B-1" trail fees.  

Q: When I set up a meeting am I under any obligation?

A: The only obligation we expect is for you to share with us all the information needed  for us to make valid recommendations to help you reach your goals. This will include information about all your current investments, insurances, income taxes and estate planning papers amongst other items.

Q: I currently have an insurance agent, accountant or attorney. Will you coordinate with them to create an integrated financial plan using input from each of them?

A: Absolutely! This is the desired model of professionals working with each other for your benefit.